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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bargain Hunter

Bangkok is an exciting place for shopping! It's either at high-end malls or you better end your day shopping at the night markets sprawling all over the metropolitan, or the best of shopping in Chatuchak! Whichever you prefer, it's really a great shopexperience to be in Bangkok. But what I like most is the bargain hunting. Actually, once you go shopping in the night market and weekend market, bargain is really a MUST! Bargain hunting and bargaining needs patience. Yes patience! I even spend 30 minutes in one store just to bargain. Of course, patience needs to be accompanied with friendliness and chattiness! Remember, sellers are very good in sales talk! And as a consumer, you need to appreciate and befriend them. It's like getting their trust and their smiles. If you do, the 30 minutes time spent in the store worth it. You can even get $100 traveling bag down to $50! Secondly, bargain hunting needs endurance and energy. It may take you hours to find which stores offer the best price with good quality. As a new shopper in a new place, you need to plan wise. Shopping in a big mall is not as adventurous as shopping in local markets. So, if you intend to shop in Siam Paragon, for example, then it is not as exhausting as shopping in Chatuchak market. Chatuchak market is a very crowded place and full of variety of stuffs from head to toe accessories, kitchenwares, toys, gardening tools, pets, and all. It is also very big and most of the time it will drain you of sweating. Thus, water and juices with you is a must. Early morning shopping or late in the afternoon shopping is advisable. Check out the weather as well. Heavy raining season might be not a very good season to shop, however, 2-3 hours in the market is enough. It is unlike in the malls where you can spend anytime irregardless of weather. So, if you are in Bangkok right now, take time to think and plan. But I would say, you will never regret shopping! Happy shopping!

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