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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Michelle Obama made history in Fashion

I never thought that the world will also look at how Michelle Obama's dressed during the Acceptance Speech of his husband President-elect Barack Obama in front of thousands of supporters, media, and uhmm.. and fashion circles. When I woke up today, I just saw in the news that world's eyes are on Michelle Obama's splotchy red and black Narciso Rodriguez frock. 

Some of the critics described it as "unexpected, unconventional, and right on trend", whilst others called it "disastrous." But at the end of the day, Michelle Obama's bold decision to deviate from what society and world's eyes expect from a first-lady of the United States of America is something historic.

It might be shallow to talk about her dress in the Election Night. But this is also a chance to discuss about how the first family in the White House could lead a change on how we think, how we look towards others not only in politics of governance, but as well as politics of fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, business, and others. 

America greatly moves forward past racism when Obama became the undisputable President-elect in 2008 US Election. And now, Michelle Obama is making a statement that an empowered woman is not hindered by what others think are right and wrong, but what is morally accepted - a fashion that not only rate you on what brand and colour you are wearing, but what you bring forth and will offer to the world. And Michelle Obama is smart, confident, and discipline woman, to lead that change. So watch out for more! (just my opinion) :-)


jane said...

love her dress

jane said...

loved her dress

LDRdesigns said...

The dress was bold, direct and commanded attention. With that being said it was right on time.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't wear dresses, Mom didn't think it was right for boys. But to me it looks okay.


Vanessa Rogers said...

She is the new Jackie O

windonmyface said...

Thank you jane, ldrdesigns, argentum, and vanessa for visiting my site and leaving comments as well. It's been a pleasure to hear your opinions. :-) Michelle's dress is not disastrous. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.