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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Jobless and the Sickness

As far as I can remember, this is my 2-month long jobless and home-based. For me, it's like it took years already to be based home doing nothing but routinary chores of sleeping, eating 3x meals, surfing, checking my emails and social networks, cooking, cleaning part of the house, and just laying on my bed some times. I feel tired! I never thought it's more tiresome to become one of the million jobless citizens of Philippines, and the world! Worst, it make's me more often sick and ill. Just like today starting yesterday. I am feverish. My sore throat is still hurts. My back pain is adding no help! I even have a clogged nose. It's a combat against FLU. I already did the following:
1. gargle a glass of lukewarm water with salt - though the sore throat pain eased, but not totally
2. drank a paracetamol - but the fever is still invading my whole body
3. drank and still drinking glasses of juice - still hoping everything will be back to normal

What's next?? I don't know. I hope the next thing would be eating PiZzA when I am again sound and healthy! I missed it!

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